To provide equal opportunities & better living standards to women & children in Cambodia.
By offering free education, health care and access to clean water.

"Building smiles, hope & success"

How donations are spent


What we don't do

> Waste money by driving fancy cars
> Waste money on expensive office space
> Be selective on who we help based on their beliefs
> Waste money on high executive bonuses & expense allowances

What we do right

We use as much resources available to us as possible when it comes to marketing, travel, office space and transportation. We ride around in tuk tuks or motorbikes. Our office address is the Green Leaf Boutique Hotel, we use our own skills for marketing and media work. Even this website didn't cost us a penny, just time donated by dedicated individuals.

We pride ourselves in being fully transparent. We believe that donors deserve to see where their money is going, that is why we produce videos of our projects and even invite donors to come down and take part in some of our projects themselves.

Our Story

A group of Canadian humanitarians who fell in love with Cambodia and wanted to make a difference. It all started with three friends, Amir, Simon & Damien. Then slowly the family grew.

In 2003, Amir was deployed with a volunteer team from Canada to Cambodia in order to build a clinic and deliver medical aid. He instantly fell in love with the country and its people. He spent years after that working in the humanitarian field as media specialist & programs manager. Being deployed to over 30 projects internationally. From earthquake response, to floods, cyclones, and war zones. Even though he was visiting so many amazing countries and working so many wonderful people, Cambodia always had a special place in his heart. He kept returning each year, bringing volunteers with him to work on different capacity building projects.

Eventually, in 2015 he decided to go to Siem Reap and with the help of his two close friends and fellow humanitarians, Damien and Simon they opened up the first non-profit hotel, Green Leaf Boutique Hotel. With one goal in mind. To help the people of Cambodia through the hotel's foundation - Green Leaf Foundation.

  • Programs

    75% of funds donated goes directly to the beneficiaries or programs. There are hundreds of children who do not have sponsors, so we take 10% of the donations towards a pool of funds to support those who have not been matched with a sponsor yet.

  • admin

    15% of funds is directed towards administration to pay for staff such as accountant, programs manager, drivers, teachers, nurses, doctors, in-country transportation and fundraising.

  • emergency

    10% of donations gets allocated to a pool of funds which we use for children who do not yet have a sponsor. This pool of funds will also be used in cases of emergency such as a medical emergency, if a family in our community is faced with a tragedy, or emergency social media ad purchases for fundraising initiatives.