Mobile Education Project

Women are the backbone of Cambodia.  In most cases they are expected to have a fulltime job in order to earn an income for their husband and children, at the same time send some of their income back to their families in the villages where they came from.

Often times, due to lack of education and extreme poverty, women force their children to go into the city and beg for money.  This puts the children in grave risk of sexual abuse and often times, trafficking.  This vicious cycle only gets worse with families who do not have any babies to use as props.  Often times, they rent babies from other poor families so that their children can use the baby to draw attention and money from tourists.  Most of the time these babies are drugged as they are carried around and passed around by one begging child to another.

Our mobile education unit, staffed by trained locals goes from one village to another in order to provide life skill education for women.

The MEU (mobile education unit) will travel in a van filled with educational materials and supplies for women.  The MEU will rotate through several villages, then move to another batch of villages.

Two educators and one nurse will go around teaching women about the following:

  • - Health

  • - Safe Sex

  • - Risks of being trafficked

  • - Importance of education

  • - Safety

  • - Business

  • - Recycle

  • - Sanitation

  • - Renewable Energy

  • - Hygiene