Our orphanage supports over 200 children ranging from toddlers to 18 years old. Many of them are actual orphans who have lost their parents to either HIV/AIDS, or their parents have gone missing after illegally entering Thailand for work.

Rest of the children come from extreme poverty, and the orphanage is a place for them to receive free education, meals and have a safe environment to play and socialize.

Our priority is their education, safety and health. With your help we can give every one of them a bright future.


Early Christmas

October 2016 - Two of our sponsors from Toronto, Travis and Dolly Dossa brought Christmas early to the kids at our orphanage by donating mattresses, rice, toys and underwear.

Medical Day at the Orphanage

April 2016 - One of our bard members and co-founders Simon Scaduto helped hosted a medical day at our orphanage.

We hired a few nurses and doctors to do a full checkup on the kids.

Simon also brought some donations from Canada and purchased some toys and supplies locally to give to the kids.

Overall the health situation of the kids was good. Some of them had tummy issues and eye infections which were dealt with by the medical professionals.

Spa Day

May 2016 - Amanda from Canada organized a spa day for the girls at our orphanage.

With her help we hired a van and brought down some of the girls to a local spa where they had manicures, pedicures and their hair done.

This was such an amazing day full of smiles and beautiful faces.

Pool Party

March 2016 - We decided to treat the kids from our orphanage to a pool party for our Executive Director's birthday.

The kids were brought over to Green Leaf Boutique Hotel for a fun day of swimming, Pizza and Ice Cream generously donated by Blue Pumpkin.

This was an incredible day as most of our kids had never been in a swimming pool before. They also got to see the hotel that is providing them with support.

Soccer Uniform Donation

March 2016 - One of the guests at Green Leaf Boutique Hotel was volunteering at our orphanage and noticed that the boys had a soccer team, but could not join the league as they did not have uniforms.

Mark generously decided to purchase full sets of uniforms for them that included jerseys, shorts, socks, ankle pads, shoes and more.

Orphanage Mattress Delivery

February 2016 - Daniela from Australia learned about the need for new mattresses and bedding at our orphanage. She reached out to friends and family to raise funds. Our foundation filled in the gap, and with the help of a bit of money that was left over from the shower block construction we took Daniela to the market where she purchased 7 brand new mattresses, lots of pillows and bedsheets.

Delivering and setting them up was an incredible experience, as the kids were overwhelmed with joy, ripping the mattress plastic covers like they were opening Christmas gifts.

The mattresses they were sleeping on so far were about 4 years old and extremely dirty and smelly. We are so happy that they now have brand new bedding to sleep on. No more skin rashes.

Thank you Daniela Babura, Daniela’s friends and family, and Irina Andreaa for all the support.

Orphanage Shower Construction

January 2016 - A couple of our guests from Green Leaf Boutique Hotel volunteered to join this amazing project which was the construction of a new shower facility for the kids at our orphanage just outside of Siem Reap. It was amazing to see people from around the world come together in order to make this happen within one week.

The kids up until now would shower outside beside the well with a bucket and no privacy. Now they have full privacy and also new soap and towels.

Green Leaf Boutique Hotel covered 50% of the funds, the rest was generously donated by some friends in Canada. We had a bit of money left over which we are putting towards our next project which involves purchasing new mattresses and bed sheets for the kids, and also doing a major cleaning and renovation at their dormitory.

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