Recycling Program

Cambodia's problem with plastic waste is growing day by day. Lack of education and municipal services are the largest causes for this. Unfortunately there is no pride in maintaining clean cities and villages, and locals do not understand the dangers of throwing plastic in the rivers, lakes and along the road.

Our goal is to provide education and plastic recycling machines to schools, orphanages and community centers so that the younger generation can start appreciating the environment and cleaning it. At the same time turning a profit from plastic waste.

Thanks to Precious Plastic, a Dutch movement that released free blue prints and educational material, the recycling machines we are producing can be built anywhere int he world, with locally sourced tools.

We will place these machines at schools, orphanages and community centres and teach kids how to safely collect plastic waste, separate it, shred it and build new items which they can use for themselves at school, at home, or sell on the market.

Items that can be made with recycled plastic:
- School supplies
- Plates
- Fruit bowls
- Plant Vases
- Lamp shades
- Desks
- Chairs
- Tables
- Toys
- Lunch boxes