Clean Water Project

Lack of clean drinking water in Cambodia is a huge problem. Water borne diseases play a huge role in infant mortality and long term illness for both children and adults. Almost no homes in the rural areas have proper toilets or plumbing. More than 90% of homes use out-houses which are usually built very close to wells where families get their water from. Naturally this causes a lot of contamination in water.
Our goal is to provide as many families as possible with clean drinking water solutions, through digging wells, installing filters and educating them on natural methods of water purification.

WELL DIGGING - For only $500 you can provide a family with a brand new well which they will gladly share with their neighbours for many years. At the same time we will educate them on hygiene and sanitation so that they will maintain the well which will provide them with years of clean drinking water.
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WATER FILTERS - We have extensive experience with Sawyer water filters which are very inexpensive and small units. Easy to install and maintain. Each unit can provide up to 4 million litres of clean drinking water to a family or community.
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NATURAL WATER PURIFICATION - Moringa is a tree which grows all over Cambodia and many other developing countries. Locals frequently use it in their meals, but rarely know about the benefits it has to offer. The leaves of the tree have all the nutrients we need to survive. But more impressive are the seeds.
Seeds from the Moringa tree contain a protein which can purify water. The same way as harmful chemicals which many organizations distribute around the world. When the seeds are turned into powder and mixed with dirty, high turbidity water, the protein in the seeds acts as a flocculant, separating the dirt from the water and dropping it to the bottom of the container. Leaving crystal clear water on top.
Furthermore, the protein in the seeds also destroy the DNA in the E-Coli bacteria and kill the Streptococcus virus and several parasites commonly found in contaminated water.
Our team will go into areas where wells can’t be dug, or to the floating villages where people live on rafts on a lake to distribute seeds and teach families on how to use the Moringa seeds to purify their water. We will also donate trees to people who have land so they can grow their own and benefit from them.